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Leadership Week 1

Week One: The Leadership Challenge Leadership Questions • The authors, Kouzes & Posner, identified five leadership practices (consistent behaviors) through years of extensive research with thousands of participants. Discuss the section “Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership” addressing the following questions: a. Do leaders really need to be honest – isn’t it OK to lie a little, cover-up facts, break promises because of circumstances? b. What are the social consequences of dishonest behavior? What are the “natural” consequences (impact on self-concept, trust, confidence, etc.)? c. How can leaders be forward looking when they have so many problems in the present? How does looking to the future affect current thinking and behaviors? d. Can leaders really inspire? Isn’t this a job for the individual (to inspire self)? e. Provide an example of an inspirational leader you have known. How did he/she affect your emotions, hope, views? f. Why is competence important? Isn’t formal position (title) enough to be a boss? • Review the outline for each of the five practices: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, Encourage the Heart. a. Select two of the five practices and provide supporting evidence (e.g., experiences) for each practice. b. Provide examples of leaders who behaved in ways opposing these practices. c. Add your thoughts regarding “why” leaders might not utilize each of the selected practices and discuss the consequences of NOT using these practices (e.g., employees’ emotions, health, initiative, productivity, commitment, etc.).
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