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Chapter 10

Watch My Family [Mi Familia] Part 1- 13 on youtube. Answer the question with at least 150 words. Respond to classmates post with at least 150 words each post. In order to receive the full 3 points for this discussion forum, participants must submit a quality post responding to the movie Mi Familia, and respond to a minimum of two of your classmates' postings. Post 1 I can relate to a lot of the things in the movie. The characters felt real. I found Maria's beliefs to be especially interesting because she reminds me a lot of my grandma. The way that she rationalized Chucho's death and Isabel's death. There are a lot of superstitious that I have heard of. I have also heard of a lot of spiritual and religious explanations for things like death, miscarriages, rape, etc,. This is a prime example why there is a need for multicultural models in different fields of study like counseling. I thought about Jimmy as a little boy and as a man. I honestly believe that Jimmy would have grown up to be an entirely different man if he had not witnessed the murder of his brother. I thought it explained the trouble he had with the law. I also found myself thinking a lot about Maria's decisions when she was back in Mexico with Chucho. I wondered if I would have done the same thing or not. My mom had my big sister in Mexico before she came to the United States. She made the decision of leaving my sister in the care of my grandma in Mexico because she felt crossing the border with her was too dangerous. It took over a decade for them to be reunited again. Post 2 This movie of Mi Familia is very informational about Mexican Americans their struggles and determination to keep family and history together. Te struggles of the family was real i a since what we see today. Even though the family tells the story in differently it comes together for family and unity. This shows how the United States and our Government have been stealing land from so many races African Americans, Indians, and Mexicans any race that don't look like them forcing cultures to conform to their ways. It is very disturbing to see this is still going on. When the United States says this is the land of the free. We our still in slavery through taxes and changing of the laws to fit what White American believes to be right but it's not. Remember when he said that Mexico was just divided by a line but we see fences and now the President wants to put a wall. When people of different race are pushed to assimilate it create what we see today. Unity in some but not in others we call that divide and conquer we see it every day. Have yo ever heard about the crabs in a bucket when you see others trying to find a way out the other crabs pull you down. This is what i see in the United States.
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