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Research of picturebook

Research and write a 2000 word study of a particular kind of picturebook or graphic novel or hybrid picturebook/graphic novel. It may be a study of ten exemplars of a form or genre within the form or a study of one of your favourite picturebook or graphic novel creators. The assignment is to write 2000 words which is about 8 pages on a kind of illustrated form such as the picturebook, or the graphic novel. In your paper you can discuss: The history of the form (picturebook), a description of the form, that is its particular features such as the fact that a picturebook is a seamless integration of words and pictures. Describe some of the most notable picturebooks and their creators. Describe some of the evolving changes in the format in terms of its content, audience, length, size and other possible feature changes.
Research and write a 2000 word study of a particular kind of picturebook or graphic novel or hybrid picturebook/graphic novel. It may be a study of ten exemplars of a form or genre within the form or a study of one of your favourite picturebook or graphic novel creators. The assignment is to write 2000 words which is about 8 pages on a kind of illustrated form such as the picturebook, or the graphic novel. In your paper you can discuss: The history of the form (picturebook), a description of the form, that is its particular features such as the fact that a picturebook is a seamless integration of words and pictures.
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The Analysis Paper

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