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My Learning and Personality Profile Essay

DUE BY 3/11/2017 ALL OF IT!!!!!! My Learning and Personality Profile Essay (Due 3/12) Attached Files:  Essay 2 Learning and Personality SP 17.docx (20.619 KB) My Learning and Personality Profile – Assignment #2 (Due 3/12) 50 points                           (Revised Spring 2017)   Self-awareness is the tool we use to help us gain valuable information about how to be successful in school, on-the-job, and in life in general. Self-awareness is the process of paying attention to yourself from different angles. We have already explored your dreams and goals for the future---an important first step. Now, let’s explore the different sides of you: Your learning style and personality. We are going to put this all together to consider how we can build on your strengths and improve any weaknesses. All of these assessments will help us to gain valuable information about how to be a success in college but, also what course of study and career is right for us!   For this project, you will need to complete both assessments listed below prior to completing the essay. You will understand your learning and personality profile better if you can discuss it with a friend or someone you trust.   ASSESSMENTS TO COMPLETE:   1.    Your Learning Style: Take the VARK assessment at: (Review your learning strengths and weaknesses)   2.    Your Personal Preferences (Personality) – Take this test online at: (Jung Typology Test)            This assessment is based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)            Chapter-12, pp 209-218   3.    Temperaments (Keirsey): Review this in chapter 12-pp. 215-218in text.   THE PROJECT:   1.  Complete the Learning/Personality Profile Matrix connected with this assignment. This will help create a summary of both your assessment results. Both assessments and the results must be addressed for full credit.   2.  Complete the page on exploring the results of the assessments. This outline is designed to help you think about the assessment results as you prepare to write your reflection paper.   3.  Complete the reflection paper (2 – 3 pages, +350 words minimum)   More on the Reflection Paper:   In detail, (1) describe your learning strengths based on the assessment results and how you currently use/apply these strengths in school; (2) Describe your learning weaknesses and create a plan for how you might overcome these weaknesses; (3) Offer a conclusion about what you have learned about yourself during this project.  How has your thinking changed about who you are as a learner? How does this information help me in terms of my career choice/direction? Also, identify the preferences (personality) shown on your assessment and record the results. Describe your preferences as shown and say if you agree with the MBTI Personality assessment results and why. Learning and Personality Profile: Information Matrix (Review Ch. 12, pages 209 - 218 to gain more helpful information as you complete the chart)                 VARK Learning Styles   Strongest 2:     __________________                            __________________   Weakest 2:    ___________________                         ___________________   MBTI   My Type       (4 letters in correct order)     Temperament (Circle)     Guardian     Artisan     Idealist     Rational     Strengths associated with this assessment/inventory  *My preferences                     Weaknesses associated with the assessment/inventory Characteristics I need to work on                     Learning strategies associated with this assessment/inventory that fit with my profile Ones I either currently use or might want to develop                   Grading Rubric (Guide) for “My Learning and Personality Profile” Paper, Due 3/12   Content 60 Percent Points Earned XX/30 Additional Comments: All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.   The paper will be 350 words minimum in length (2 to 3 pages). The paper discusses the results of each assessment: VARK, MBTI, Temperaments Key terms are defined and explained (with examples when appropriate) Examples of personal strengths and weaknesses are given with particular attention to applications (studying strategies, college major, and career choice). Conclusion offers some personal reflections on how the learning profile project was useful/helpful for a new college student           Organization/Development 20 Percent Points Earned X/10 Additional Comments: The paper has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow.     The paper is directed to the appropriate audience. The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and is reflective in nature. Transitions between sections aid in maintaining the flow of thought. The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.       Mechanics 20 Percent Points Earned X/10 Additional Comments: The paper format is consistent with directions given (double spaced, 12pt font, etc.)     Intellectual property is recognized with in-text citations and a reference page (where needed).     Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. Sentences are complete, clear, concise, and varied. Spelling is correct.       Total 100 Percent Points Earned x/50 Additional Comments:       
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