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SUBJECT AREA English Language
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Nuclear power

Nuclear Power - The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace and nuclear power provide cheap and clean energy. Please note that you need to find 4 different sources (one article, one website, book and one of your own choice) that are relevant to your research topic and evaluate them as per the checklist attached. The information on the 2nd page of the checklist has to be typed, not handwritten. You also need to print out your 4 sources (just the relevant parts) and submit them together with your checklists-please see the task sheet for any further clarification.
Nuclear Power - The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace and nuclear power provide cheap and clean energy. Please note that you need to find 4 different sources (one article, one website, book and one of your own choice) that are relevant to your research topic and evaluate them as per the checklist attached. The information on the 2nd page of the checklist has to be typed, not handwritten. You also need to print out your 4 sources (just the relevant parts) and submit them together with your checklists-please see the task sheet for any further clarification.
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