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Choose one of the following options Final Exam Paper Due Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017 via Turnitin [email protected] Length: 4-5 double-spaced, typed pages of research. If you submit a paper with a title page, table of contents and the required bibliography these are ancillary pages and do not count towards overall length of paper. The paper must be submitted on standard 8.5” x 11” white unlined paper. Be certain to utilize a font size of 12 in Times New Roman. Sources: A sufficient number of sources (at least 5) should be utilized to indicate satisfactory research. Be certain that you utilize sufficient contemporary sources to assure that your research is current. These sources may include some of all of the following: (a) primary source materials or government or other documents, (b) scholarly books, (c) scholarly journals, (d) general readership books and magazines, (e) newspapers and the internet, (f) interviews. Primary sources and scholarly works should receive greater emphasis than other sources. All sources must be cited in a separate bibliography. YOU MUST USE YOUR TEXTBOOK- IT COUNTS AS 1 SOURCE! WIKIPEDIA DOES NOT COUNT AS A SOURCE! Identify the sources of: quotations, statistics, theories, ideas, concepts, etc. Provide evidence to support all assertions. If you begin a sentence with phrases like: “Experts say” or “Many people believe,” you must indicate the source(s) of your information. Do not generalize your own views and/or biases without supporting evidence. When in doubt, cite sources! Bibliography: The bibliography should include separate sections for scholarly books, journal articles, government documents, newspapers, and internet source material. USE MLA CITATION FORMAT. Content: Factors taken into consideration in the grading of this paper include, but are not limited to, such items as the depth and breadth of analysis, quality and quantity of course material, accuracy of findings, and originality of research. In addition to the content of the paper, the student is responsible for appropriate grammar, spelling, neatness, etc. Any paper with excessive misspellings, incorrect format, poor grammar or other style shortcoming will be reflected in the final grade. Contractions (e.g. can’t, don’t) must never be utilized. NOTE: the words “I, me, my” SHOULD NEVER BE UTILIZED in your paper. *** Plagiarism, of any kind, will result in the grade of F (zero) for the assignment. All information other than that which is original thought must be cited Pick one (1) of the following: 1. “The Impact of Social Darwinism.” How did the application of Darwin’s ideas to society help to stimulate the race for overseas colonies? How did Social Darwinism help to shape the attitude of the “white man’s burden”? 2. “The Technological Advantage.” How did technology shape the course of nineteenthcentury imperialism? Would colonial expansion and domination been possible without certain key inventions? 3. “Latin American Revolutions.” What were some of the problems of the post- independence period in Latin America? How do those problems still affect Latin American nations? 4. “The Power of the Airwaves.” How was the radio successfully exploited by political leaders of the 1920s and 1930s? Were there any other types of propaganda used by these political leaders; specifically, during World War II? 5. “The Peacemaking Process.” What were the major outcomes of the postwar peacemaking process? (Be sure to include discussions on European Political Stabilization, the League of Nations, and the Mandate system)
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