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Web Critique #2

Due date is on the march 9th. I will send you the book The primary purpose of the second web critique is to argue the overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness of an e-commerce site based solely upon its home page and pathway pages. Or said differently, the primary purpose of web critique #2 is to argue the overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the home page and pathway pages of an e-commerce site. To do so, you should argue whether or not the home page satisfies the six basic functions, as identified by Redish, as well as whether or not the Redish's six points about pathway pages were considered in the design of pathway pages. Redish, J. Letting go of the words: Writing web content that works, 2nd edition. Boston: Morgan Kauffman Publishers, 2012. The primary purpose of the website critique is to offer a well-informed argument about the overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness of an e-commerce website of your choosing based upon its home page and pathway pages. The minimum word count is 1,000 words. The objectives of this assignment include practicing how to construct a persuasive argument, practicing how to compose a multimodal document, and practicing how to conduct an analysis. Taken together, these assignment objectives are designed to help satisfy the “Articulate theories and methodologies to analyze multimodal situations” and “Apply theories and methodologies to design a multimodal deliverable” course learning outcomes. Inattempttoensurethatyoueffectivelyconstructandorganizeavalidargument,Isuggestthatthetextbe organized into four different sections (not paragraphs). Specifically, the outline below identifies the essential work that needs to be completed for this assignment but you should identify and use the key information, strategies, concepts, guidelines, etc. discussed in the textbook for your specific units of analysis. Lastly, your web critique should be APA formatted and include a “References” page. SUGGESTED OUTLINE SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION  Explain purpose of document  Provide rationale/explanation of chosen website and include the website’s URL  Explain scope of analysis  Explain assessment process  Describe argument structure  State thesis SECTION 2: HOME PAGE  Identify Redish’s suggested functions of a home page  Provide a summary claim about the overall effectiveness of the home page  Cite specific evidence to support claim  Include visual evidence to support written claim by integrating annotated screenshots SECTION 3: PATHWAY PAGES  Identify Redish’s points about pathway pages  Provide a summary claim about the overall effectiveness of pathway pages  Site specific evidence to support claim  Include visual evidence to support the written claim by integrating annotated screenshots SECTION 4: CONCLUSION  Argue the validity of analyzing a website based only on its home page and pathway pages to assess the website’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness  Address any limitations of the analysis  Note any overall discernible patterns that resulted from the analysis  Provide summary argument about the website’s overall effectiveness or ineffectiveness “A” work Purpose: Addresses all the criteria outlined in the assignment description in a rhetorically sophisticated manner. Audience: Author is cognizant of his/her audience during the construction of the document and makes informed decisions about the rhetorical strategies employed in the document based upon his/her conceptualization of audience. Organization: Document includes a thesis statement and is purposely and logically organized to cater to the audience’s needs and considerations. All paragraphs include a strong topic sentence and transitions, both at the beginning of the paragraph as well as throughout the paragraph. Each paragraph is unified and cohesive. Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, and diction are excellent. Document demonstrates correct use of punctuation and APA citation style. There are only minimal or no spelling errors and no run-on sentences, fragments, or comma splices.
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