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Progress Report of my technology

Hey, I had you write my previous section of this that is a throughout the semester kind of project. Basically this time, hes asking us to write about how far we have gotten in our research, flaws, problems we faced (if any), and how we plan on fixing them. Dont worry i have provided all details, including the oral presentation (powerpoint) part we had to do for the progress report, i just dont like writing. So you can ask me anything. Attaching what he said, the powerpoint presentation i did and he approved (got a 90%), and the previous assignment u did for me, incase u lost the train of thought for this work. Thanks.
Hey, I had you write my previous section of this that is a throughout the semester kind of project. Basically this time, hes asking us to write about how far we have gotten in our research, flaws, problems we faced (if any), and how we plan on fixing them. Dont worry i have provided all details, including the oral presentation (powerpoint) part we had to do for the progress report, i just dont like writing. So you can ask me anything.
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English Language
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please see attachments
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