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Intersex and Transgender Ethical Issue

INSTRUCTIONS – READ CAREFULLY Once you have reviewed the eText and all other Required Resources, answer each of the four parts of the assignment in IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Each of the four response should be a minimum of 150 words (not including citations) and in paragraph/essay format (no lists or bullet points). Your opinions and personal reflections should NOT be included in your responses. In most cases GHA answers will involve outside research (cited) to fully develop your response. Information from the eText and Required Resources are a starting point that must be built upon and developed with outside resources as you construct your response. The eText page numbers should be cited when necessary and all outside resources should be fully cited. Failure to cite resources or not putting responses into your own words will result in a zero for the entire assignment and a report of violation of academic integrity. All responses are submitted in SAFEASSIGN. YOU MUST CHECK OFF THE PLAGIARISM BOX WHEN SUBMITTING or you will receive a 1-point deduction. 1. Discuss and Explain the main thesis of the Chapter. 2. Discuss and Explain one bioethical debate introduced in the film that connects to the Chapter. 3. Discuss and Explain one other (different from the one you discussed in #2) bioethical debate introduced in the film that connects to the Chapter. 4. Do a simple google search of information on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner. WITHOUT INVOKING YOUR OPINION....and IN YOUR OWN a short essay, discuss the legal position (cite your resources) regarding the following: -What is Jenner's sex? -What is Jenner's gender referring to 1. Discuss and Explain the main thesis of the Chapter , (to paraphase this) Today 11:00pm This chapter begins with the case of “John/Joan” or David Reimer, who was born a boy and raised as a girl. Citing this case and others, advocates for intersex people during the last 30 years argued that surgeons and psychologists mistak- enly assigned gender to children so often that such children would be better off unchanged. But the traditional view argues that a child, for happy adjustment in school and in a family, must leave the hospital as a boy or a girl. This chapter generally explores cases of, and ethical issues surrounding, physicians who assign a gender to babies at birth and of intersex teenagers and of transsexual people, who often seek gender reassignment from endocrinologists and surgeons. Today 11:01pm No parent expects an intersex child, but no parent expects a child with any dis- ability, noticeable difference, or aberration. From this fact, it doesn’t follow that physicians must try to normalize each child, guessing which way is right. Between 2000 and 2006, the American Academy of Pediatrics revised its views on intersex babies. Its 2006 Consensus Statement no longer considers the birth of an intersex baby to be a surgical emergency. 31 endocrinologists today take a decision lightly to sex a child at birth, and even fewer would sex a child against its biological gender. Still, most parents have trouble accepting an intersex child and are uncomfort- able with an ambiguous gender or ambiguous sexuality. Sex assignment before leaving the hospital may seem like a magic wand, making the problem go away— at least for a while. It is also possible that most people so sexed are happy and that only unhappy ones speak out as advocates. Ethical Issues of Intersex and Transgender Persons Video: HBO Documentaries -"Middle Sexes"
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