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• You will write a 5-6 page paper double spaced on one of the topics listed below. • Document your sources . See catalog for the possible penalties for plagiarism (2007-2008 pp. 39-40.). If you quote a source, you must cite it giving all pertinent information along with the page number or web site. If you paraphrase a source again you musty cite it. If you take a thought from a source and condense it, you still must give credit to your source. The only thing you would not cite is what is common knowledge or what you can find in any general reference work. If in doubt cite a source. You can cite sources in one of three ways. First, you can use parenthetical notes with a bibliography. Parenthetical notes require a bibliography since the note has only the author's name and page number. The bibliography will give other information. The second and third ways to cite a source is to use footnotes or endnotes. In footnotes or endnotes, the information will be in the notes so a bibliography is not necessary for this assignment. You can use MLA, Chicago Manuel of Style, or Turabian style guides. If you want to use a different style guide contact me for permission. • Sources Besides web sites and books in our library, you can access ebooks through our library (call library for information) and articles through proquest which is on the Library web site. You should be able to get good academic materials for your sources. Do not use Wikipedia or those kind of sources except for your own benefit. Make sure that the four sources you use are solid sources from books or academic journals. • Amish (4 Sources): Use a functional approach to explain how the Amish socialize their children and maintain their way of life. (On functionalism see your textbook--Religion as a Group Phenomenon where he discusses five functional prerequisites for group life.) What are their values and how do they maintain them against outside pressure to conform to the norm? In answering this question, you should consider several of the following questions: How is the community organized? What are the rewards for following the norms of the group and the punishments for disobeying them. What is the role of women in the Amish community? How do they sustain their community-economics? What are their feelings about the state? How do they justify isolating themselves from the larger society?
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