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Music analysis paper

Choose a set of 4-6 songs of Prince, possibly from the same album (this is not a requirement), that you feel explore a key theme from the first 7 weeks of course material. This could be gender, sexuality, stardom, fandom, race, or something else covered by the readings. Discuss these songs' musical and lyrical content, reflecting on how they explore your chosen theme. Central to this assignment is having a strong idea of what theme you would like to address, and then choosing songs to help illustrate your exploration of this theme. A strong theme will be specific enough to let you reference details from individual songs or works to build a clear picture of the totality of your argument. A well written paper will make an argument about its chosen theme, rather than simply listing details or facts. You must make reference to course readings. You are required to include reference to at least two of the course readings marked 01. This is a minimum requirement - try to include references to other materials as well. This might be the more 'pop' oriented 02 and 03 readings, or it might be something that you have taken the time to research for yourself. reading materials :
Choose a set of 4-6 songs of Prince, possibly from the same album (this is not a requirement), that you feel explore a key theme from the first 7 weeks of course material. This could be gender, sexuality, stardom, fandom, race, or something else covered by the readings. Discuss these songs' musical and lyrical content, reflecting on how they explore your chosen theme. Central to this assignment is having a strong idea of what theme you would like to address, and then choosing songs to help illustrate your exploration of this theme.
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