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Ethnic people (Example)

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Name Institution Date The people of Netherlands (Dutch) The Dutch people live in Netherlands which is located in the north-western part of Europe occupying a total area of about 41 526 Most of the land is of inland waters which occupy about 7 643sq.Km and the rest totaling o about 33 883sq. Km is dry land. The size of dry land has though been gradually increasing due to land reclamation which started way back in the past centuries with the main aim of making the land more habitable and more productive knowing that it is small in size and due to the increasing population the country has to improve its production to meet the demands of its people. Netherlands capital city is Amsterdam which is situated in the western part of the nation. The country's population is of about 16 296 000 people which was estimated in the 1995 the number dropped to about 52%. The country's rich culture has been enhanced by the geographic nature of the land. The land being 2/3 agricultural based the main cultural activity which is conducted here if farming and dairy produce. Fishing is also another activity which they do due to the many inland waters in the region. And thus geography has greatly influenced the cultural activities of the country. Therefore geography has a great impact on the lives of the people of Netherlands and has had a great impact in shaping its technological advancements settlements services provided and the urbanisation and migration trends. References Weasels Wolfgang Andreas Maurer and kurgan miHag(eds). Fifteen into one?: the European Union and its member states. New York: Palgrave 2003. Zanden J. L. Van. The Rise and Decline of Hollands economy: merchant capitalism and the labour market: New York: st. Martin’s 1993. Http://www.Local [...]

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As you have seen in your text throughout the course readings, geographers want to know about the world and what people are doing and where. This paper is based on a group of people: ancient, modern, local, remote—it’s up to you. This assignment requires you to write a five page paper (essay)—consider the format for Project 1—in which you describe the group of people you have chosen, and include a hand-drawn map of the territory they inhabit. You can use the Paint feature of your computer, or try out an online sketch app or program (such as Sketchpad, PencilApp, Sumopaint, QueekyPaint, etc.), or take a picture/scan of a good old fashioned hand-drawn map on pencil and paper. The choice is yours, but the map drawing is a required component of this assignment and must be included at the end of your essay—it cannot be included as a second attachment or submission. As you’ve almost completed reading your text, you’ll understand that there are geographic elements that are important to include when discussing groups of people. Consider the chapters, and the general idea that people impact the planet in very large and very small ways every day, and the following questions: Where are your people living? Have your chosen group of people impacted the planet in any particular way? How have they or are they using their space? How did geography enhance or help construct their culture? Finally, consider including observations about some of the following topics: population location resources technology urbanization migration services settlements cultural attributes defined by geography Note that including a brief history of your chosen group of people is useful. However, remember this is meant to be geographically oriented. Your paper should be between five and six pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and twelve-point font. This assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word and submitted as an attachment. If you have a problem submitting the assignment, please contact your instructor. Writing Guidelines Carrying on and dragging out a discussion of a particular topic can be almost as bad as not saying enough. A general guideline for writing papers is a three-step process: An introduction telling the audience/instructor/reader what you are discussing—what your paper is about. The next segments/paragraphs/chapters should be the meat of your paper—what you really have to say, presented in a logical and flowing manner. The last segment of your paper is the conclusion—restating or summarizing what you have just said. Someone once summed it up for me: ”Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em; Tell ‘em; and then tell ‘em what you told ‘em.” Please do not forget to cite your sources when appropriate, and include a bibliography, no matter how brief. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Wikipedia is not a valid academic source. There are a variety of government websites that will provide you with more accurate information, and here’s a tip: when all else fails—try a book! Your instructor will be glad to discuss your paper or review your rough draft prior to the due date; use the messages tool for correspondence. Grading Criteria You will be graded on the clarity and completeness of your paper as well as on the quality of your writing. This paper is worth 100 points, and a top grade will reflect meeting the requirements as well as a strong effort in writing. A middle grade will reflect a basic understanding of your topic, and an average effort in writing. A low grade will either demonstrate a lack of understanding about your topic, or minimum effort in writing.

Subject Area: Human Geography

Document Type: Research Paper

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