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Global Power Relationships

The purpose of this activity is to: Explain the concept of global stratification and ways in which countries have been controlled or disadvantaged throughout history. Discuss how external factors contribute to life in other countries. Assess past and present relationships between countries of the world. Instructions: 1. Pick a specific country that has been colonized or has been a victim of neocolonialism. Post a message titled “Global Power Relationships: [Name of Country]”. For example, “Global Power Relationships: Chile”. Try to pick a country that other course participants have not already picked. 2. Comment briefly on your selected country’s experience with colonialism or neo-colonialism. How did it affect its people and/or its environment?
The purpose of this activity is to: Explain the concept of global stratification and ways in which countries have been controlled or disadvantaged throughout history. Discuss how external factors contribute to life in other countries. Assess past and present relationships between countries of the world. Instructions: 1.
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