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Answer the questions below briefly and in your own words. Make sure you answer every part of the question. If you don’t answer a part of the question, you will automatically lose all the points for that question even if the part you answered is correct. 1. Login to any of the computer science lab computers. Watch carefully after you login. What version of Ubuntu is running on the machine? Tell me about Ubuntu. What is Ubuntu? 2. What is a directory and how is it different from a regular file? 3. What two files are by default created by the directory and why? 4. How is the Unix File System organized and how does one move in and out of directories? 5. What are hidden files and give an example of a type of file that the system would hide from the user? Part 2 (30 points) Download the file Assignment1.txt from blackboard. You must provide screenshots for every single step. In the screenshot, I should be able to see the command you entered and the result you got. Steps 1, 2, & 3 should all be in one screenshot 1. Show me what is inside the file Assignment1.txt using your terminal. 2. Write a single command (one line), in which a. You first find all the lines with 36 in them in the file b. Then from the output of a, you take the third column of numbers (every 3rd number on a line) and search it for all lines with 36 c. You take the output of b and put it into a file called ​yourname.txt (HINT: grep, awk, pipe) 3. Now use a command to print on the screen the number of lines in the file you outputted to in 2c. 4. Write a 1-2 line description for each part of the command in step 2 and step 3. Tell what each part does. 5. Create a command single command, in which a. You first find all the lines with 70 in them in the file b. Then from the output of a, you take the fourth column of numbers (every 4rd number on a line) and sort them in reverse order (from highest to lowest). c. You take the output of b and put it in a file called yourname1.txt. (HINT: grep, awk, pipe, sort) 6. Write a 1-2 line description for each part of the command in step 5. Tell what each part does. 7. Display any of the ​middle​ 10 lines of yourname1.txt on the screen. ​(HINT: head, tail, pipe) 8. Show me the permissions for yourname1.txt and briefly explain what they show. So, simply state, who has what type of access to the file yourname1.txt. Also, specify the file size. 9. Type in chmod 354 yourname1.txt and tell me what this command does to your file Permissions. What would be the other way to change the permissions to the ones you get after doing chmod 354? Which commands would you use to achieve this using the alternative method? (HINT: u+x -> that format is an alternative way to change permissions) 10. Show me your default file permissions. There is a command for that, we discussed it in class. 11. Using the less command, skip to line 21 in the file Assignment1.txt. 12. What is the mount point of Assignment1.txt? Prove it with the pwd command. What does mount point and mounting a file mean? 13. Show the files mounted on the system. We went over the command for that in class. 14. Write your opinion about this lab and put it in a file called myopinion.txt. The only command you can use to do this is the cat command and the output redirection symbol. Write to a file using the cat command. (Please don’t forget to screenshot) 15. Show me what it says inside myopinion.txt Bonus (+3) Describe what is meant by being able to read a directory, write to a directory and execute a directory. How is that different from being able to read a file, write to a file and execute a file.
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