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Business Torts and ethics

Imagine you own Springfield Arms Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon's screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon's aid. Together, Darryl and Sharon drive the intruder off, but not before they both are badly injured by the intruder. Write at least 1,050 words addressing the following: •Explain whether or not the intruder is liable for his actions. •Explain your legal duties and responsibilities to Sharon and Daryl. •Differentiate among some of the potential torts that might arise from this business context. •Discuss ways to prevent or mitigate the risk of the potential torts. •Discuss what you would want from your landlord if you were Sharon and what you would want from your employer if you were Daryl. •Discuss what, if any, ethical responsibilities you have to Sharon and Daryl as the business/business owner. Cite at least 4 scholarly references
Imagine you own Springfield Arms Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon's screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon's aid. Together, Darryl and Sharon drive the intruder off, but not before they both are badly injured by the intruder.
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