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i need three pages to talk about Autism i explain what you should do and how to write it . you need follow the step and the instructor very well . there are question check the upload file to more . the first section is explaining the topic and related concepts. This is worth 20 percent of the paper, so make sure you spend extra time here, with a minimum of 10-12 quality sentences, typically it takes about 2/3 of the first page to cover enough of the topic. For example, with learning you would explain in your own words what learning is, the two larger categories and then within those the two types of learning. Then explain the related concepts of acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery, generalization, and discrimination. The second section is giving an example in the real world. Here you should develop an example of when it occurs in the real world. For example, with observational learning and developing a prejudice toward a group as a young child. The third section is discussing how it applied to your major/future career. For example, maybe you are going to be an K-12 teacher. You could discuss what type of reinforcement you will use and when, primary or secondary, and what types of reinforcement schedules you will use and when. The fourth section is discussing why it is important in society. Here you should explain why the things you wrote about in the and learned about in the text are important for society to understand. For example, with understanding learning principles teachers can more effectively teach someone a new skill or concept. Having understanding of how children can acquire a prejudice without even knowing it allows people to at least understand it is ingrained in them and takes a lot for them to open their eyes to the truth. Knowing this will help with interactions with a person who is prejudice. Learning principles teach us to expose something viewed negatively with things that are viewed positively by the person. The fifth section is discussing how learning about the topics you discussed has changed the way you think about human behavior. It could be you have a new understanding of it or people and why they behave a certain way. It could have changed the way you approach a situation. Your perception could have been negative about the topic and now it is positive or vice versa. Let me know if you have any questions. If you want to email me your paper before the due date, I am happy to glance over it. Make sure to review the resources under modules for help with this assignment.
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