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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software was described in the chapter as serving to “glue together or mediate between two separate pieces of software”. For example, EAI could be used to integrate a course registration system (such as the system used by UAS, called Banner) with a learning management system (such as Blackboard). Through this integration, the process of adding students to Blackboard courses is (relatively) seamless and automated. Think of two business applications used in your workplace (or a former workplace). Are the two systems integrated? If so, what types of information do they share? What are the pros and cons of the integration? If they are not integrated, describe some potential benefits of using EAI to integrate the two systems. What would be some potential challenges that might arise from integrating the systems? Note that if you are not working, it is fine to describe a hypothetical scenario. The goal here is to think about the benefits of cross-functional integration of information systems, so I don’t mind if you get a bit creative.
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software was described in the chapter as serving to “glue together or mediate between two separate pieces of software”. For example, EAI could be used to integrate a course registration system (such as the system used by UAS, called Banner) with a learning management system (such as Blackboard). Through this integration, the process of adding students to Blackboard courses is (relatively) seamless and automated. Think of two business applications used in your workplace (or a former workplace).
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