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Global Health

Dr. Delgado runs into you in the hallway and asks that you do a favor for her. She will soon give public talks about her recent humanitarian trips to provide medical aid in India and Russia, and asks you to create fact sheets, including one on the United States for comparison, that she can hand out to her audiences. Create one fact sheet each for three countries: India, Russia and the United States. For each, review data and information located in the resources, and do the following: Write an introductory paragraph that provides an overview of general health within the country. Describe how social, cultural and environmental factors within the country can affect the health of the people living there. Explain the multi-directional links between social determinants, economic factors and health within the country. In addition to providing an overview of general health, address the burden of disease created by coronary heart disease. Your fact sheets should: be about 250–350 words each be written in paragraph form, not bulleted lists be consistently organized and formatted include graphs and/or images of your own design that clarify or highlight information include the Stronger Memorial Hospital logo (provided in the resources) Next, use the information you've gathered to create a table that provides easy side-by-side comparison of the three countries, and write a 250- to 350-word analysis in which you sum up the differences among the countries, noting the varying factors that influence health risk. After spending the morning working on the fact sheets for Dr. Delgado, you run into a friend, Yolanda from Medical Records, on the elevator. You're both headed in the same direction, so as you walk together, you share your new knowledge of the social, economic and cultural factors that influence heart disease in different parts of the world. Write a 350- to 450-word script in which you discuss the variation in heart disease rates around the world and in the United States, spending some of your time focusing on Mississippi and Arizona as examples. Explain why variation exists. The script can represent only your side of the conversation, or it can include dialogue from Yolanda.
Dr. Delgado runs into you in the hallway and asks that you do a favor for her. She will soon give public talks about her recent humanitarian trips to provide medical aid in India and Russia, and asks you to create fact sheets, including one on the United States for comparison, that she can hand out to her audiences. Create one fact sheet each for three countries: India, Russia and the United States.
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