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500 word technical write-up (Computer Science)

500 word technical write-up 1) Present facts about what occurred during the project that was being discussed – if possible, outline: a. The underlying experiments b. What was tested in the experiments and learned as a result 2) Present a case for why an uncertainty existed in the project by outlining: a. The limitations in the underlying technology or set of technologies b. Why experimentation outlined in #1 was necessary as a result of limitations outlined in #2.a 3) Highlight what new knowledge was gained as a result of the experimentation performed and how it surpassed publically available information/techniques in that field of technology
500 word technical write-up 1) Present facts about what occurred during the project that was being discussed – if possible, outline: a. The underlying experiments b. What was tested in the experiments and learned as a result 2) Present a case for why an uncertainty existed in the project by outlining: a. The limitations in the underlying technology or set of technologies b.
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