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American art (Beyond the battle) (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Introduction The Americans had a civil war between themselves which ended in surrender. The war happened between 1861 and 1865. It was war between the Spanish and the Dutch government .city of Breda was the reason behind the war. Many things happened during the war time. Outline The American civil war Purpose Questions Siege of the Breda city Surrender of the Breda city. The commission Antietam changed Americans Conclusion The American civil war The way we solve conflicts in our daily lives differ. In the civil war of the Americans in the mid-19th century fought between 1861 and 1865 was solved after Sherman received Johnston’s surrender at Durham station (Johnston 2015).there was first battle of red bull run also referred to as Manass in the south . The second battle of Bull Run took place in 1862 in the. It was fatal and it marked military boost and a political boost as well. Lincoln was saved from defeat in the midterm elections. Abraham Lincoln was able to issue the Emancipation proclamation through the battle. He ordered the proclamation of freedom of slaves in rebel territories. Conclusion The American civil war was fatal and terrible. In every beginning there is always an end. The battles finally ended one party loosing and the other emerging victorios.The war was settled though surrender. Change was brought about to the Americans. They feared war after the Antietam battle. Reference Gross Paul R. and Norman Levitt. "Higher superstition." The academic left and its (1994).Douglass Frederick and Philip S. Foner. "The life and writings of Frederick Douglass." (1951). Barnaby Furnas Untitled (Antietam) (2008) Linderman Gerald. Embattled courage: The experience of combat in the American Civil War. Simon and Schuster 2008.Parish Peter J. The American Civil War. Holmes & Meier Publishers Inc. US 1975. [...]

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You will revise the TPQ, American art (Beyond the battle) see below for details, explore the Online Library databases identified in and list 5 specific research sources (Internet sites and library books/articles). Further revise your TPQ (Topic-Purpose-Question): Topic: Purpose: Question(s): In addition to your TQP, write 3–4 paragraphs on your topic incorporating research information using MLA citation format and style. Include visual analysis of at least 4 artworks to support your exploration of the topic. Your 5 specific research sources should directly and specifically support your statement of purpose and developing research questions. Your research should be drawn from primary and scholarly secondary resources and represent a range of materials (Internet websites, journal articles, book chapters, relevant film, etc.). For a definition of primary and secondary research sources Outline In addition, you will write an introduction, an outline, and include an updated list of research and image sources. succinctly introduces the topic and discusses the research goals and purpose of the paper. Following your introduction and drawing from research, develop an outline for your paper. The outline should include topic sentences (headings) for body sections and subheading topics that include potential art examples to be used. For assistance in developing an outline, American art (Beyond the battle) The civil war Conflicts are incurred in our daily lives how we choose to solve them is what differs. The American civil war was in the mid-19th century fought between 1861-1865. At this time, the United States was undergoing an error of incredible growth; their congress passed a cansas-nebuaska act, which essentially opened all new territories to slavery by affirming the rule of popular sovereignty of a congressional proclamation (Johnson, 2015). It’s after Lincoln was elected in 1960 that the war broke in July 21 1861. The first battle of Bull Run (also called first Manassas in the south.) The second battle of Bull Run was in 1862 where in September 17, the particular day marked the bloodiest day. In January 1st 1863, preliminary emancipation declaration was made to free all slaves in rebellious states. In the battle of the wilderness, Lee’s forces evacuated Richmond on April 2nd and on 9th April Grant accepted Lees surrender at Appomattox court house. On the eve of victory, confederate sympathizer assassinated President Lincoln at Ford Theatre in Washington on April 14th (Tindall 82).The war ended effectively on April 26th after Sherman received Johnston’s surrender at Durham station (Johnson, 2015). Fig 0.1: Barnaby Furnas, Untitled (Antietam) (2008) (Facebook-dannis muchai) The portrait shows one side of the union and the accomplices in the clash. The red floor portrays the bloody war that led to many casualties. In the art of work, Furnas explores issues of politics, gender, race and division (Mac Adam 83). Purpose: the topic explains how slavery mingled its way to popularity in the US. Also how the republicans and democrats came to existence and further portray the era of the famous Abraham Lincoln. The paper illustrates the rivalries in the US civil war and the brutality involved as depicted by the blood and violence in the untitled (Antietam)2 2008, acrylic and color pencil on linen 98*196 inch painting. The art is symbolic. As such, it reveals the how and that the civil war took place in 1861-1865 but its accustomed and drawn in a modern civilized way. Question Why is there a horse on one side and none on the other? Why is one side having a US flag while both parties involved were American?

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Document Type: Research Paper

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