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SUBJECT AREA Cultural Studies
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Paper
CREATED ON 3rd March 2017
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CMO305 Communiticating in a Diverse Society

Activities List: PANeL_CMO305PX Directions: The evidence to fulfill the PANeL requirements consists of four activities. Select three of the four activities to include in your PANeL submission. You should select the three activities that you think will highlight your best work that aligns with the course outcomes.  Please note: At least two of the activities you choose to submit must involve substantial writing.  These items will be marked in the evidence list with a (W). Outcome CMO305-1: Analyze how linguistic, cultural, and social differences affect communication.  Activity 1 (W) Watch 20-30 minutes of a recorded film or TV program and discuss the verbal and nonverbal actions of its participants, in terms of intercultural communication. Observe characters that display different cultural attributes and identify their cultural differences. Genre does not matter so you may use drama, comedy, or reality programming. You must use live human characters, however, not animation. Include the follow information, in essay format. Introduction that includes a thesis statement relating to the assignment, and a preview of the points to be discussed in the body of the paper. Name of the film or program and the characters you observed; be brief Observable linguistic differences – how different types of people speak and converse, etc. Observable cultural differences – different ways of behaving based on nationality, gender, and/or other cultural factors Observable social differences – class, manners, speaking style, etc. Your assessment of the effectiveness of the verbal communication Your assessment of the effectiveness of the nonverbal communication Your ideas about how cultural differences affected this communication Conclusion that summarizes the main thesis, i.e., the overall point of the assignment. It should include your overall evaluation of this program segment, in terms of intercultural communication. This writing assignment should be 700-800 words, double-spaced using a 12-point font, and following APA requirements. Include in text citations and a reference page. Activity 2 (W) Sit quietly in a busy public place with a variety of people, and view them for 20-30 minutes. Try to hear what they are saying without being obtrusive. How do their linguistic, cultural, and social differences affect communication between them and others, as far as you can tell? Discuss the types of languages, jargon, and slang that you hear. Can you identify them? Do people communicate with others outside their own cultural groups? Note the various types of people you see, and whom they are with. How are they dressed? Are there people who are dress differently from most? How? What other types of nonverbal communication do you notice? Research information on cultural nonverbal communication norms and provide some insights that relate to the people you see. Does anyone look poorer or richer than everyone else? Can you make any assumptions about their level of education or profession? Does gender seem to make any difference in their communication with others? Avoid stereotyping when explaining your answers and provide specific examples. This writing assignment should be 700-800 words, double-spaced using a 12-point font, and following APA requirements. Include appropriate in text citations and a reference page. Outcome CMO305-2: Evaluate the skills for effective communication outside one’s primary culture.  Activity 3 (W) Create a television or film script (words only) that incorporates three characters from diverse cultures and subcultures. One of them is from your own culture and one is from another culture. Both these characters are effective intercultural communicators. The third character is different from the other two, and an ineffective intercultural communicator. Your characters should interact in a workplace setting. Once the script is written, write a 400-word explanation for each character that explains why each acts the way she or he does. Take into account only legitimate behaviors within cultures: Do not rely on stereotypes. Research each culture and provide at least two separate in text citations for each character from appropriate sources. Include a list of references at the end. This assignment should be 700-800 words, double-spaced using a 12-point font, and following APA requirements. Activity 4 Discuss the style and success of global climate change negotiations. You have been asked to teach a seminar relating to the December, 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Do some research and discuss the point of view of two other countries, such as the Marshal Islands and India, in addition to the US. What are each country’s major concerns, such as indigenous rights and rising sea levels, for example? Who are their main speakers at the conference? What are their ideas about sharing the blame and fixing the problems? How do they communication these ideas to each other and the public? Do you think their communication styles, as described in the media, were successful? Why? To get started, view some of the URLs below: Option A Create a PowerPoint that provides 12-15 slides, which include detailed speaker notes but minimal words on each slide. Include at least three appropriate graphics that help explain the situation. Provide parenthetical citations on relevant slides and a list of references on the last slide. Option B Create a PowerPoint that provides 12-15 slides, which includes a recorded voice-over. It should have minimal words on each slide along with at least three appropriate graphics that help explain the situation. Provide parenthetical citations on relevant slides and a list of references on the last slide. The recording should last between 5-6 minutes.
Activities List: PANeL_CMO305PX Directions: The evidence to fulfill the PANeL requirements consists of four activities. Select three of the four activities to include in your PANeL submission. You should select the three activities that you think will highlight your best work that aligns with the course outcomes.  Please note: At least two of the activities you choose to submit must involve substantial writing.  These items will be marked in the evidence list with a (W).
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