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Book Critique

our first paper requires that you read a history book related to the individual you have choose for you great person paper .. Please follow the outline format below Due: Feb 14 CHOOSE YOUR OWN BOOK. IT MUST PERTAIN TO A PERSON OF THE PERIOD IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION COVERED BY THIS COURSE. I RECOMMEND YOU CHOOSE ONE FROM THE TOPIC FROM THE LIST BELOW SO YOU CAN ALSO USE IT FOR YOUR GREAT PERSON PAPER. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE AN AMERICAN HISTORY BOOK. THE REPORT SHOULD INCLUDE:( Please follow this outline. Use the Roman numerals.) 1. THE BASIC FACTS OF PUBLICATION (AUTHOR, TITLE, PUBLISHER, PLACE OF PUBLICATION, AND DATE OF PUBLICATION), II.THE REASON THE BOOK WAS WRITTEN. THIS IS USUALLY INCLUDED IN THE FORWARD OR INTRODUCTION III. SUMMARIES OF THE BOOK. ( About 1 pages per book) 1. ANY NOTABLE INCLUSIONS OR OMISSIONS. FOR EXAMPLE IF THE BOOK WAS ABOUT JULIUS CAESAR AND IT DID NOT MENTION CLEOPATRA. THAT WOULD BE A NOTABLE OMISSION. 2. YOUR RECOMMENDATION.WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THE BOOK TO SOME ONE ELSE? WHY? LENGTH: ABOUT 1-2 PAGES. Book Critique Guidelines and Grading Rubric. Please read and follow the guidelines carefully and consult the rubric for how the review will be graded. The review should be one to two pages long, typed, double-spaced, using one-inch margins and 12-point font, and in Turabian or Chicago Notes-Bibliography format
our first paper requires that you read a history book related to the individual you have choose for you great person paper .. Please follow the outline format below Due: Feb 14 CHOOSE YOUR OWN BOOK. IT MUST PERTAIN TO A PERSON OF THE PERIOD IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION COVERED BY THIS COURSE. I RECOMMEND YOU CHOOSE ONE FROM THE TOPIC FROM THE LIST BELOW SO YOU CAN ALSO USE IT FOR YOUR GREAT PERSON PAPER.
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5. A controversial practice with employee stock options is repricing. What happens is that a company experiences a stock price decrease, which leaves employee stock options far out of the money or “underwater.” In such cases, many companies have “repriced” or “restruck” the options, meaning that the company leaves the original terms of the option intact,..
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You are the facilitator of a group for substance-abusing clients at a community mental health center. One client, Bill, asks for an individual session with you regarding an urgent matter. Bill reveals to you that he is gay and HIV-positive and that he is concerned about how the group will accept this. He wants to disclose this information to the group before any..
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referencing needs to be in apa, there are two parts to this essay.
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4 essay exams covering Chapters 1 - 6. 400 words per essay, spell and grammar check. Primary references should be from the course text and should be notated after the sentenced copied or ( pg #) . Other references should have author name (white) and at the bottom the footnoted full reference- website, author/bok/page number, etc.. Wikipedia is not an academic..
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What types of families signify 21st century. Why is it important to address family types? How do families relate to early education? Discuss your thoughts with four peers
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Read the following article above, the link to the article: answers the questions in the attached file. all questions should be written down and numbererd too.
Western civilization
How did ancient societies respond to their physical environment? Why are some developments concentrated in certain locations, while others are universal? Why do different societies lead in some sciences and technologies and not in others? Using at least 5 examples from the course textbooks, films and lectures, describe and analyze the impact of geography,..
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Pick one of the instructed topics and do what it says please.
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The document provides four scenarios regarding second language acquisition for English Language Learners. After reading each scenario, do the following: Evaluate each scenario. Determine what development stage of second language acquisition is represented and provide the rationale for your choice. Describe teaching strategies that can be used to support..
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Hey, it's me again. PLEASE DO PART TWO (see the attached copy) , i have done an outline to give you an idea what i want you to talk about thinks like honour, pride and glory in Greek tradegies.
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The Book Review is based upon required course readings that proffer contemporary accounts of the lived experience of Confucianism and Islam. The reviews call for you to consider the contemporary expressions of these faiths and to reflect upon their relevance to your own and our collective societal experience--To consider how central teachings, principals..
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Week 1 Part A
Write a 1-2 page essay on the problem solving process and how it is applied in this course. Please add your sources (see attached).
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Page 9-35 Instructions-1. Thesis/ Central Argument Highlight and include in this statement the words: “The author’s argument is….” 2. 2 supporting points given by the author for their thesis These should be stated facts, not opinions, claims or positions! 3. Your Critique of the author’s point A. Is the thesis convincing? What information presented by the..
Human Rights
Assignment out of book Session 3
Business Communication Today ISBN:   9781259179396                 this is the book used
KFC in Myanmar
Criminal Justice
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It truly is impossible to know the course of the 19th century United States without understanding the causes and consequences in the Civil Battle.The characteristics of America North and South prior to the Detrimental War differed greatly in regards to economic, political and social factors, thus setting the stage for divisive struggle between other American citizens. The American Civil War lasted from between 1860 to 1865, plus the effects of the Civil War left an enduring..
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