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Good and Bad Leadership Characteristics

You have to make a list of 20 good and 20 bad leadership traits. Then you have to pick your top 5 good leadership traits and top 5 bad leadership traits and write a report on why you think they are the top five. You have to do additional research to prove your point on why you believe those are the top 5 good and bad leadership traits. Make sure to cite the additional sources, that you have to research. It is best to find scholarly articles, well. One page for listing the 20 good and 20 bad traits. and 2 pages for the good traits and 2 pages for the bad traits. I will also send you some powerpoint notes, in order to help you in completing the assignment.
You have to make a list of 20 good and 20 bad leadership traits. Then you have to pick your top 5 good leadership traits and top 5 bad leadership traits and write a report on why you think they are the top five. You have to do additional research to prove your point on why you believe those are the top 5 good and bad leadership traits. Make sure to cite the additional sources, that you have to research.
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