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Effects of Social Media on American Politics

Consider the impact of social media on current day American politics.  Reflect on the manner in which television news coverage encouraged President Kennedy to act as a result of the international embarrassment of America during the Civil Rights Movement.  Throughout history, United States Presidents have been "forced" into action because of their fear of international criticism on the world stage. Select a United State's President that was elected and served prior to 1990.  Discuss how that President could have used social media to aid him as he navigated, negotiated, and manipulated public opinion during his administration's greatest challenges of that day.  For example:  How could President Clinton have strategically used facebook or twitter to address the Monica Lewinsky scandal?   The specifics for your essay can be found in the syllabus under Project Descriptions.  Please use the Effective Writing Center for assistance with the Turabian/Chicago Style Documentation format.
Consider the impact of social media on current day American politics.  Reflect on the manner in which television news coverage encouraged President Kennedy to act as a result of the international embarrassment of America during the Civil Rights Movement.  Throughout history, United States Presidents have been "forced" into action because of their fear of international criticism on the world stage. Select a United State's President that was elected and served prior to 1990.
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