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Drilling Project

Please read the instruction carefully. The files that I am attaching are going to be used to work on this project. So basically our teacher told us to find any drilling well and collect their data and write the paper so I have all the documents here where the data the teacher has asked us to put on our project paper. I am also adding a project from the last semester, who chose the same drilling well as me so we should have the same data. I am posting the document where the teacher told us how he is going to grade our work.
Please read the instruction carefully. The files that I am attaching are going to be used to work on this project. So basically our teacher told us to find any drilling well and collect their data and write the paper so I have all the documents here where the data the teacher has asked us to put on our project paper. I am also adding a project from the last semester, who chose the same drilling well as me so we should have the same data.
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