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Digital Marketing Analytics

Please read instructions in the attached file and follow those instructions closely.
Please read instructions in the attached file and follow those instructions closely.
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Core Curriculum. (2014). Radford University Core A Handbook . Radford University. Miller, F. (1986). Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. New York: DC Comics. White, M.D. and Arp, R. (2008) Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley *This is the works cited
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1. Before 1960's, nearly all hotels were by using a manual system. In the late 70's, with the advantages of pcs, hotels shifted to semi-automated systems. Nowadays, the majority of the five-star hotels use a completely computerized system. Explain how each of the three different types of systems can be utilized as far as the pre-arrival level of the guest cycle can be involved. What kind of hotel would use each system? Non-automated (manual) system results in done by hand...
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