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Multicultural Business Communication

Instruction: at least two reliable sources from databases or reputable online sources. No Wikipedia or blogs may be used, unless they are corporate blogs. Be sure to cite all sources used in appropriate MLA format. Topic: Global Communications Problems – Create an imaginary case study of a global corporation that is suffering from communications issues with one of its corporate partners in another country. Discuss the causes and remedies for the problem and how they could be applied. This assignment will require research into the types of communication problems common between Americans and people of the particular country you choose to discuss. Please be careful to address actual communication issues, things that cause misunderstandings due to cultural, verbal, and non-verbal communications problems.
Instruction: at least two reliable sources from databases or reputable online sources. No Wikipedia or blogs may be used, unless they are corporate blogs. Be sure to cite all sources used in appropriate MLA format. Topic: Global Communications Problems – Create an imaginary case study of a global corporation that is suffering from communications issues with one of its corporate partners in another country.
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