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August Wilson or Eugene O'Neill

This is a thesis driven essay, use quotes from the text to further your argument. Choose ONE of the following prompts. 1) In Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night, what do we derive from being immersed in the Tyrone’s pain? Does O’Neill construct the play so that it transcends its pessimism and we may be left with something more than just a sad story based on his real life? If so, how, in what ways? 2. History has served to both shackle and empower African Americans. August Wilson relies on African American political and cultural histories contexts to demonstrate this.Examine Wilson’s characters in both Fences and The Piano Lesson, analyzing their relationship with history. How does the work reflect the period it represents? How does Wilson dramatize history’s effects on his characters? How do Wilson’s plays teach audiences important lessons about history—lessons that resonate with contemporary relevance?
This is a thesis driven essay, use quotes from the text to further your argument. Choose ONE of the following prompts. 1) In Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night, what do we derive from being immersed in the Tyrone’s pain? Does O’Neill construct the play so that it transcends its pessimism and we may be left with something more than just a sad story based on his real life?
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