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Political Science Essay

Create an argumentative essay on one of the listed topics found in the attached documents. Please follow the format provided in the "how to write an essay guide"
Create an argumentative essay on one of the listed topics found in the attached documents.
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Must follow a precisely formulated research question about Germany's political parties (can be any question/thesis statement, just needs to be this topic). I need this paper to be good quality, but also be about a pretty basic topic with Germany's political parties and not go too deep or sound like a politics/history expert, since I've never taken a political..
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All what i sent to you
t III: The first draft of your comparative essay is due on March 14, 2017. Please note: the earlier in you submit this first draft, the sooner you will have your feedback to move on to the revisions for the next assignment! Assessment IV: The second draft of your comparative essay is due on March 21, 2017. Assessment V: The first draft of your illustrative essay is..
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