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Assignment Graded In unit 4, you wrote a persuasive essay on universal health care. Now, you'll write an essay arguing the other side! Just like before, you'll need to write a 2-3 page essay (not including the Reference Page) about universal health care in America. Make sure that you use borrowed information to bolster your key points. Cite that information in-text and with a Reference Page at the end. Your essay should follow the standard format for academic writing. In order to judge whether you've given both sides thoughtful and fair appraisals, you must also submit the essay from Unit 4. Upload that essay and title it "Unit 4 Graded Exercise: Essay A." The essay you write for this exercise, which should argue the other side of the health care debate should be titled "Unit 6 Graded Exercise: Essay B."
Assignment Graded In unit 4, you wrote a persuasive essay on universal health care. Now, you'll write an essay arguing the other side! Just like before, you'll need to write a 2-3 page essay (not including the Reference Page) about universal health care in America. Make sure that you use borrowed information to bolster your key points.
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