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Close Reading

Basics: • 400-500 words. Include your word count at the bottom of your paper. • Typed, double-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman font, 1” margins • Due: 2/23rd, 12:45 pm, in class (hardcopy) • Graded out of 40 points, Worth 10% of your overall grade. • If more than one page, include page numbers on the top right header along with your last name (like I have on this paper). • Staple the pages together. Note: Your analysis for this paper should be entirely your own; you are to do no outside research for this assignment, outside of the notes in your textbook and a good dictionary (preferably the Oxford English Dictionary, available online through Jackson Library). Please review the information on my Academic Integrity policy on the course syllabus and be sure that you are in compliance with the Academic Integrity Policy. Assignment: The foundation of any good piece of literary analysis is close reading. In close readings, we examine the specific language of a small portion of text to determine how that language creates meaning and what its larger significance is. We, then, use these passages as evidence to support a larger point. When using the text as evidence, you want to quote a specific passage and then tell your reader how it supports the larger point you are making. You have to explain not simply what the text says but how it says it. Then, you need to describe how it supports a larger theme. Do not assume readers will make the connections themselves. For the purposes of this paper and for practicing this process, I have broken it up into steps. • What text includes this passage? Be sure to use the text’s title and author, not only in your title but in your actual writing. (2 pts) • What words or ideas seem significant? (8 pts) • What is the immediate context? In other words, what is going on in the narrative at this moment in the text? (6 pts) • How does this passage fit into the larger text? How is it significant in terms of your understanding of the text? (16 pts) • Why is this passage or the issue it raises more broadly significant? Why is it interesting or important not simply in terms of the text but in terms of themes you find important? (8 pts) You can read Crystal Matey’s close reading of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as an example. This essay can be found on pages 80-81 of Lenses. You will note that this close reading addresses all of the above questions but does not do so in the precise order listed above. Indeed, in some ways a single sentence can do the work of responding to multiple questions. So, without being constrained to the format above, write 400-500 words that analyze one of the specific passages below.
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