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2 paragraph discussion

You will write two well-developed paragraphs (minimum 250 words) where you will present a critical discussion. You must include details in your remarks to demonstrate your knowledge of the work. Everyone must discuss some aspect of London’s short story, “To Build a Fire” and at least two poems of your choice. Everyone should not do the same two poems. There are a variety of poems from which you can choose. Demonstrate your knowledge of the Formalist approach to criticism. Note the sample questions I have given you below concerning London’s short story. You may pick two questions below to address. Do not try to address all four questions. It is better to select two and provide an in-depth discussion. Also note the info on using the Reader Response approach. Use this approach as you attempt to discuss two poems. Become familiar with a Formalist approach in analyzing the assigned readings. See an explanation of Formalist Criticism on the pages given in this module's reading assignments. In other words, a work must be examined according to how its various parts contribute to its whole. Questions using this approach in reading London’s short story “To Build a Fire” are as follows: How does the opening of the work display an ominous tone to London’s story? The main character’s name is not revealed. What effect does this have on the story given that there are many references to this unnamed character? In what sense is the dog’s presence in the story very important even though the man only sees him as “a toil slave”? What foreshadowing elements in the story leads you to believe there will be death in the end of this story?
You will write two well-developed paragraphs (minimum 250 words) where you will present a critical discussion. You must include details in your remarks to demonstrate your knowledge of the work. Everyone must discuss some aspect of London’s short story, “To Build a Fire” and at least two poems of your choice. Everyone should not do the same two poems.
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2 journals and text book referencing in journal instructions is attached too. 200 words per journal
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Week 5 Assignment

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