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, The Palm Beach Story Reaction Paper

Write a Reaction Paper to , The Palm Beach Story (1942) (Not A Plot Summary) These writings should not contain plot summary, nor should they simply record whether or not you liked the film or what you thought of the acting. Their primary purpose is analytical, not evaluative. You can also do some research but be sure that you cite your sources. Format: SINGLE SPACED, 12 PT FONT, WITH REGULAR MARGINS. (3 lines at the top left with your name, name of class and the film’s name followed by 2 spaces and then the body of your paper. You must use paragraphs. Also, using the language of film is also a positive approach to this assignment.
Write a Reaction Paper to , The Palm Beach Story (1942) (Not A Plot Summary) These writings should not contain plot summary, nor should they simply record whether or not you liked the film or what you thought of the acting. Their primary purpose is analytical, not evaluative. You can also do some research but be sure that you cite your sources. Format: SINGLE SPACED, 12 PT FONT, WITH REGULAR MARGINS.
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