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Diversity - Behavioral Organzation

ASSIGNMENT 1: In addressing diversity, we often immediately hone in on the more common forms of diversity (race, ethnicity, and gender are among the more commonly thought of forms of diversity). If you come away from this topic with nothing else, it is my hope that you at least recognize the vastness of different forms of diversity, especially those that we rarely ever encounter, have little personal experience with ourselves, and/or may particularly have strong views against. A team of diversity experts identified four layers of diversity to help distinguish the important ways in which people differ. View the file Layers of Diversity under the Assignments section for a visual representation of their Diversity Wheel. Assess and comment on whether you believe their delineation of the multiple levels and what is contained within each of the levels to be valid. Be sure to justify your position. To honor this view of the less discussed types of diversity, please refer to Internal Dimensions of the Diversity Wheel. Of the Internal Dimensions identified, there is only one which still remains a federally unprotected class; Sexual Orientation. As a manager with the task of managing a variety of employees with differing sexual orientations, explain how you would handle this form of diversity in the workplace in order to help those employees who are considered or consider themselves different feel more included, as well as avoid having the other employees feel uncomfortable by this difference. Please be clear in outlining what you would DO precisely. Provide examples from your personal or organizational life in which you believe that you have witnessed or heard of diversity being handled poorly as well as effectively. Provide at least 2 examples for good handling and at least 2 examples for poor handling. If you have no personal examples feel free to use examples that you have heard. Be sure to identify the rationale that you believe was responsible for how diversity was handled in each of the examples provided. The Glass Ceiling has been defined as the invisible barrier blocking women and minorities from top management positions. Is the concept of a glass ceiling valid? If yes or no, then justify why or why not? Explain your perspective fully. Having discussed the potentially harmful role of perceptual processes in stereotyping and discrimination, how would you go about educating your employees about the business case for not perpetuating stereotyping and discrimination in every aspect of the workplace? ASSIGNMENT 2: Are leaders born or made? What is your position and on what specifically do you base your position on the issue. Be sure to provide clear justification? Liberia and Chile have elected their first women presidents. Countries like Canada, UK, Germany, New Zealand, & Ireland as well as, Muslim majority countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have all had women as elected prime ministers, presidents, or heads of state. Many developing countries like Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), and Israel have also had elected women prime ministers or presidents. Speculate on some reasons why we are yet to have a female President in the United States of America? Are we any closer, if yes or no, justify why or why not? Transformational leaders are thought to ‘transform’ their followers through Inspirational motivation, Idealized influence, Individualized consideration, and Intellectual stimulation. The central idea is that this type of leadership is effective because of the direct transformative effect that the leader has on their followers. Bearing this type of ‘effect’ in mind, explain how each of these might be manifested in a work environment to achieve the positive outcomes that transformational leadership is thought to have. Attached are the documents need to complete the assignment.
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