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Personal Ethics Statement

Review your Ethical Lens Inventory™ to determine how your values guide your ethical decision-making. Write your own 8- to 10-sentence personal ethics statement. Consider the standards set by the American Nurses Association. Analyze the role of ethical and professional standards in the professional nursing practice. Assess your own personal character and values. Evaluate behaviors or traits you consider particularly important to professional practice. Review the ANA Code of Ethics. How does your statement compare? Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis, comparing at least two of your beliefs with like points in the ANA Code of Ethics. Format your paper, including reference page, according to APA guidelines. our preferred lens is: Results Lens You listen to your intuition (sensibility) to determine the greatest good for each individual (autonomy). Your Core Values: Autonomy and Sensibility You prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. Your primary concern is protecting individual rights. You believe this is the best way to assure that everyone in the community is treated fairly. You prioritize the value of sensibility over rationality. You believe the best results are achieved by examining each situation in its own context rather than applying one-size-fits-all solutions. Your Classical Virtues: Prudence You demonstrate wisdom in practical matters and foresight as you act with enlightened self-interest in a particular situation. You also bring optimism, imagination and the gift of entrepreneurship to the table. Your Key Phrase: “I make choices that are good for everyone.” Because you value autonomy and sensibility, you tend to assume that each person operates from a clear sense of their own values. Determining What Is Ethical: Creating the Greatest Good You define an ethical person as one who makes responsible choices that benefit many different individuals at the same time. You seek “win-win” results for everyone, even in complex situations. Analytical Tool: Experience You see the current situation in the light of past experiences and tend to use a combination of intuition and imagination to incorporate new information and solve problems. You focus on what is actually happening and consider solutions that make many people happy. You are able to consider multiple perspectives and are comfortable with ambiguity. Your Gift: Free Will Because you value autonomy, you are self-reliant and accountable, and you work to assure that others can be as well. You are not afraid to pursue what delights you and brings you pleasure, both in the short term and the long-term. You want this freedom for each person to seek their ideal goals in life. Your Blind Spot: Satisfied with too little good Sometimes you fail to be accountable to those who are depending on you when you exercise your free will. So long as you’ve satisfied your own needs, you can become complacent, leaving problems unresolved in the long-term and everyone else to fend for themselves. Your Risk: Reducing decisions to a cost-benefit analysis If you do not assure that all have free will, you run the risk of reducing decisions to a narrow and purely financial cost-benefit analysis. You tend to cut corners as you become attached to achieving your own goals. Your Double Standard: Expedience If you are not paying attention, you can be tempted to expedience: basing your actions on what is politic or advantageous rather than what is right or just. You will convince yourself that everyone will be happy in the end and not mind a few insignificant corners being cut. Your Vice: Becoming Greedy If you fail to exercise free will responsibly, your healthy pursuit of good for all can devolve into an excuse for taking as much for yourself as you can get away with. A desire to consume more than you need (gluttony), and craving for pleasures of the body(lust) can become problems for people who prefer this lens. Your Crisis: Failure Unless you develop the practice of mindfulness and reflection, at some point you will face failure. No one can accomplish or acquire everything and the more you do, the less satisfying it becomes. If you find you have few friends, it could be because your acquisitiveness drives them away. Your Seeing Clearly: Use your head To see more clearly, check to see whether your gut and your head agree. To find balance, explore the gifts of the other lenses – consistency and concern for the whole community. As you consider what will provide the greatest good, temper your actions with consideration of the needs of the whole community and a consistent approach to similar situations. As you learn to consider other perspectives in your decision making process, you will live out the best of your ideals with compassion and care for others. Grading Criteria: Your Personal Ethics Statement Content: 8 points possible Points possible Points earned Considers the standards set in the nurse code of ethics. 1.6 Analyzes the role of ethical and professional standards in the professional nursing practice. 1.6 Assesses personal character and values. 1.6 Evaluates behaviors or traits they consider particularly important to professional practice. 1.6 Compares personal ethics statement with the ANA Code of Ethics. 1.6 Format: 2 points possible Points possible Points earned The paper-including headings, title page, and reference page-is formatted according to APA guidelines and meets course-level requirements. 0.25 Personal ethics statement is 8- to 10-sentences in length. 0.25 Comparison analysis meets the 700- to 1,050-word minimum. 0.25 Assignment has a scholarly tone. 0.25 Paper is neat, logical, organized, and easy to understand. 0.25 Paper is organized and flows well, including an introduction and conclusion. 0.25 Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct. 0.25 Contains the required number of sources. 0.25 Total
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