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Song of Roland essay

Choose ONE of the following topics (1,2,3,4 or 5) for a thesis driven paper on Song of Roland. Use quotes from the epic poem to further your argument. 1. How does Roland's death in Song of Roland affect the poem? There are many ways to address this question, you might consider why the poem celebrates his defeat, the role of Roland as a martyr, the erasure of Roland as a conqueror figure. Please try to choose one line of thought and follow it through. 2. How are emotions used in the Song of Roland? You might consider the depiction of love between Lord and vassals, or of friendship between companions such as Roland and Oliver, or the celebration or condemnation of rage. 3. Discuss portrayal of women in Song of Roland. How does the text use women to make argument or construct histories? 4) Song of Roland celebrates the "enemies" of the text even as it also condemns them. Craft a paper that discusses the ambivalent portrayal of the enemy. What are the limits of the praise? Is change possible for the enemy? 5. How do the "heroes" in Song of Roland identify themselves as a group (religiously, ethnically, culturally, etc) How does the text work to construct or solidify certain identities?
Choose ONE of the following topics (1,2,3,4 or 5) for a thesis driven paper on Song of Roland. Use quotes from the epic poem to further your argument. 1. How does Roland's death in Song of Roland affect the poem?
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