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CREATED ON 24th February 2017
COMPLETED ON 25th February 2017
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Make  sure  your  writing  provides  a  succinct  synthesis  of  your  critical  analysis  and   reflections  about  the  majority  of  readings  assigned  It  must   be  evident  that  you  completed  all  the  readings;  not  just  one,  two  or  three.       •   Synthesis  is  characterized  by  analyzing  patterns  and  themes  across  the  readings  and   noting  similarities  and  differences;  synthesis  is  not  characterized  by  commenting  on  the   individual  readings,  one-­‐by-­‐one.     •   Formal  citations  are  not  needed  when  using  quotations  or  others’  ideas  for  the  weekly   synthesis  and  reflection  papers;  however,  the  original  text/article  that  is  the  source  of   your  comment  should  be  clearly  identified  simply  by  using  the  author’s  name  so  that   your  partner  knows  to  what  you  are  referring.       Make  sure  your  writing  provides  a  succinct  synthesis  of  your  critical  analysis  and   reflections  about  the  majority  of  readings/videos/audios  assigned  that  week.  It  must   be  evident  that  you  completed  all  the  readings;  not  just  one,  two  or  three.       •   Synthesis  is  characterized  by  analyzing  patterns  and  themes  across  the  readings  and   noting  similarities  and  differences;  synthesis  is  not  characterized  by  commenting  on  the   individual  readings,  one-­‐by-­‐one.     •   Formal  citations  are  not  needed  when  using  quotations  or  others’  ideas  for  the  weekly   synthesis  and  reflection  papers;  however,  the  original  text/article  that  is  the  source  of   your  comment  should  be  clearly  identified  simply  by  using  the  author’s  name  so  that   your  partner  knows  to  what  you  are  referring.      
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24 February 2017
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24 February 2017
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