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Health Promotion class questions

QUESTION#1 * Complete the Cultural and Linguistic Competency Health Practitioner Assessment: and share something you learned from the process and describe how the principles of cultural competency can be applied to the provision of nursing health promotion services. * Review the resources available in the Cultural Competency Toolkit for Graduate Nursing Students: Found on the AACN website INSTRUCTIONS: Support initial posting with two professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references (within a 5 years timeframe) properly cited in American Psychological Association (APA) format EXAMPLE: Upon completing the cultural competence self-assessment, my awareness for how sensitive and important cultural competence is, has been heightened. I have also been reminded that even though some actions may seem insignificant to health care providers, for patients they make a difference in the way they feel and the perception of the overall care they receive. For example, in the home healthcare setting, the nurse should, when possible look into the patient’s culture and what behaviors are expected and acceptable. For the nurse, one may not think the patient’s customs are priority, and although they are not the top priority, they should be taken into consideration. The way the patient perceives care and they way they feel about the care one provides can make a big difference and can be the determining factor on the patient’s health outcome. Research has shown that what one does as a healthcare provider has the ability to either contribute to or eliminate health care disparities. It is up to healthcare providers to have cultural competence so that one can relate to patients and promote trust thereby increasing chances for successful health outcomes (Abrishami, 2018). Some of the principles of cultural competency as described by Small, Pavlova Nikolova, and Sharma (2017) are cultural awareness and cultural knowledge. Said principles are vital in order to be a successful culturally competent provider. In order to provide health promotion services, a provider, which in this case is the master’s prepared nurse, must be able to relate and build a relationship with the patient one is caring for. As a master’s prepared nurse one will be the one the patient confides in, looks to for answers and the one who has the potential to create a positive impact in the patient’s life. In order to relate to the patient the nurse must be able to understand the lifestyle of the patient, their customs and beliefs. It is imperative that all of the aforementioned aspects of the patient’s life are explored as they will influence the outcome, and perhaps the turn the patient’s health takes. In order to be sensitive to someone else’s beliefs and customs, one must be aware and conscious of one’s own custom and beliefs prior to caring for certain populations. Being aware of one’s own beliefs will prevent the provider from being biased, discriminate against and/or treat the patient any differently based on culture and personal beliefs. It is very important for the nurse to perform a self-examination prior to meeting with the patient, because as healthcare providers own beliefs can affect and be detrimental to the care one provides and to the overall success of the patient’s treatment. QUESTION #2: Review the database on Public Health Genomics Knowledge on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: (link: and search for the guidelines, policies and recommendations for practice regarding a specific health disparity. - Discuss recent guidelines, policies and recommendations related to a disparity, and any multi-generational testing and the role of the master’s prepared nurse. INSTRUCTIONS: Support initial posting with two professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references (within a 5 years timeframe) properly cited in American Psychological Association (APA) format
QUESTION#1 * Complete the Cultural and Linguistic Competency Health Practitioner Assessment: and share something you learned from the process and describe how the principles of cultural competency can be applied to the provision of nursing health promotion services. * Review the resources available in the Cultural Competency Toolkit for Graduate Nursing Students: Found on the AACN website INSTRUCTIONS: Support initial posting with two professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references (within a 5 years timeframe) properly cited in American Psychological Association (APA) format EXAMPLE: Upon completing the cultural competence self-assessment, my awareness for how sensitive and important cultural competence is, has been heightened. I have also been reminded that even though some actions may seem insignificant to health care providers, for patients they make a difference in the way they feel and the perception of the overall care they receive. For example, in the home healthcare setting, the nurse should, when possible look into the patient’s culture and what behaviors are expected and acceptable.
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