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Business Strategy

Prepare a 4-6-page business analysis that explains the generic business strategies for an organization, analyzes the business strategy used and the company's business model, analyzes the corporate strategy of the company and the overall corporate structure and management systems, and analyzes the strategic fit between the business and corporate strategies. Introduction This portfolio work project will help you differentiate between business strategy and corporate strategy, and analyze the fit of a business strategy to an organization. Scenario The vice president of strategy has now tasked you with providing a business analysis of the organization's business strategy. This includes level of diversification (product scope), geographical and vertical scope, and the overall fit with the business strategy or strategies. Your Role You are a strategic analyst for the company you have selected to use in this course. Requirements Use information from the company's website, the Capella library, and the Internet to complete this assessment. Write a business analysis that includes: Explain the generic business strategies for the company. Include cost, differentiation, and focus or hybrid information. Analyze the business strategy the company uses in its marketplace approach. Provide examples of how the strategy is used to position the company in a competitive environment. Analyze the company's business model. What are the core products? How does the organization make money? What is the customer value proposition? What is the profit proposition? Analyze the corporate strategy of the company. Include the product, geographical, and vertical scope in which it operates. Has the company expanded from its original product line or field of operation? Does the company own vertically related activities along the value chain for its products? Analyze the overall corporate structure and key management systems. Does the company employ diversification, vertical integration, or globalization? Are global alliances part of the corporate strategy? Analyze the strategic fit between the business and corporate strategies of the company.
Prepare a 4-6-page business analysis that explains the generic business strategies for an organization, analyzes the business strategy used and the company's business model, analyzes the corporate strategy of the company and the overall corporate structure and management systems, and analyzes the strategic fit between the business and corporate strategies. Introduction This portfolio work project will help you differentiate between business strategy and corporate strategy, and analyze the fit of a business strategy to an organization. Scenario The vice president of strategy has now tasked you with providing a business analysis of the organization's business strategy. This includes level of diversification (product scope), geographical and vertical scope, and the overall fit with the business strategy or strategies.
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