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• Read Roussel, Harris, Thomas Text Book - Chapter 3, 4 (68-69) and ch 5 & 3 Articles View: 3 Power Point Presentations & 1 Video • Review the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) website • Attached Files • Roussel 8e_Chapter9.pptx (5.576 MB) • Exploring Your Leadership Style (3).ppt (4.66 MB) • Systems Theory Concepts PPT(1) (1).odp (146.109 KB) Video What leadership styles do you see each of these leaders using in this video Readings: Text Book – Chapter 4 page 68 & Chapter 5 in Roussel, L. Harris, J., Thomas, T (2016). Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators (7th ed.). Burlington, MA. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Articles: Posted in the Blackboard Course Site 1) McKinnon 2004 Getting to grips with reflection.pdf 2) Watson 2000 Leading via caring.pdf 3) Marion 2001 Leadership in complex organizations.pdf After reading this week material and going through videos please answer following parts separately. Part 1 1) Review the AONL website and discuss what you have identified as the best practices and competencies for nursing leadership. Include the outcomes you would expect to see from using this .Include in your posting comments why you think this leadership style is best practice and how it can impact leading health teams to transform health care delivery and improve patient outcomes. What innovative strategies do you envision leading in your own practice setting as you fast-forward to the future? (Example thread name- "Jane's Best Practice Leadership Style"). Part 2 1) What are some leadership styles you have observed in your past managers or macro level leaders? 2) Did these leadership styles seem appropriate to the situations in your work environment and why? 3) What styles of leadership do you respond best to as a follower?
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