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Engaging in physical activity

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 5 and 6 from your textbook and then read Chapters 7 and 8. For this assignment, you will develop one of the themes covered so far into a story or presentation for children and their families. This story or presentation should intend to teach children and their families about the chosen theme. Therefore, be mindful that your audience includes young children. Your story or presentation should be engaging for both adults and young children. Assignment instructions Choose to complete your assignment using Prezi, Power Point, or StoryJumper. (Links to an external site.) You can review creating a PowerPoint slideshow by visiting How to Make a PowerPoint (Links to an external site.) Presentation if you choose to use StoryJumper, please review the StoryJumper tutorial (Links to an external site.) Choose one of the following health and wellness themes: Engaging in physical activity Nutritious eating Illness or infection prevention Staying healthy in school Staying healthy at home In your presentation, Choose only one health and wellness theme from the list above. Construct a presentation for an audience of children and their families. Identify at least five teaching points directly related to your chosen theme. The teaching points you share could be textbook facts or strategies or information relating to your chosen theme that are important to understand. For example, if you develop a story based on the theme of illness or infection prevention, you might present a case of a child getting sick and needing to visit a doctor. While at the doctor’s office, the child learns five ways to prevent illness or infection. When creating your presentation on this theme, you will need to include at least five examples of how you can prevent illness or infection that you want your audience to understand. Include at least five images, sounds, or audio features that enhance your story or presentation. Organize a resource page for families. This page should include at least three child and family friendly resources that could provide more information for your audience about the theme of your story or presentation. This is separate from your references page for the assignment.
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 5 and 6 from your textbook and then read Chapters 7 and 8. For this assignment, you will develop one of the themes covered so far into a story or presentation for children and their families. This story or presentation should intend to teach children and their families about the chosen theme. Therefore, be mindful that your audience includes young children.
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