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sport and recreation in new zealand

1. Introduction Include: • The purpose of this assignment. • Short introduction of your chosen two organisations. • Introduction to IOR theory; types of IORs and strength of ties. The purpose of this assignment is to critic and discuss the sports and recreation organisations from an inter-organisational theory perspective. In this assignment, I will discuss the role that sport and recreation organisations play in New Zealand, and their relationships to other key organisations. I have chosen two different sports organisation which is Basketball New Zealand and the YMCA New Zealand. Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) is a national sport organisation (NSO) for the sport of Basketball in New Zealand.The role of BBNZ is to develop, grow and promote basketball and participants of the game. The YMCA of New Zealand (YMCA NZ) on the other hand is a national community organisation (NCO). The YMCA NZ aims are to enable individuals and families to develop physical, mental, and spiritual healthy quality of life. Both these organisations NSO and NCO have an interorganisational relationship (IOR) with various other organisation to fulfil their purpose. An IOR is a ' voluntary, close, long-term strategic action between two or more organizations to serve mutually useful aims in a problem domain '(Babiak 2007: 339). Collaboration of two organisation is known as a partnership. An inter-organizational network is a group of at least three organizations interacting to facilitate a common goal (Provan et al . 2007). Inter-organizational relationships refer to long-term interactions between organizations pursuing mutual interest while remaining independent and autonomous, maintaining distinct interests. 3. Part A: Description of National Sport Organisation • A description of the organisation. The name of the national sport organisation is Basketball New Zealand Incorporated and may variously referred to as Basketball New Zealand or BBNZ. BBNZ controls Basketball in New Zealand and is recognised as such by the international sports FIBA, and Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ). BBNZ also promotes the sport itself, hosts international basketball events, and lastly overseeing the national teams. 2.Part B The purpose of the organisation (why it exists). The purpose of BBNZ is to achieve the vision of a world class basketball programme. Basketball New Zealand is a proactive organisation working inclusively for the sport of basketball. Through basketball in New Zealand, to deliver to people a wide range of opportunities for positive individual and shared experiences. • The role of the organisation within the NZ sport and recreation industry. The role of BBNZ’s is to develop, grow and promote basketball and participants of the game. BBNZ encourages more people to play basketball, strategically supports the Nationwide Associations, provide competitive opportunities at a national level, providing talent development pathways, developing game support for team, clubs and associations Inter-Organisational Relationships Include: • Identify the key organisations in your chosen NSO’s network. BBNZ has various connections and inter-organisation relationships with various organisations to accomplish their vision and mission. There are heaps of organisations that actively contribute to the achievement of BBNZ's objectives including the enhancement of relationships with national and international stakeholders, the game's participants and its community. Some of the the inter-organisational relationships are with the High Performance Sport New Zealand(HPSNZ), Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ), Regional Sports Organisations such as …., local authorities such as…..School Sport New Zealand, College Sport New Zealand, and Regional Sport Trust such as….. • Critically examine the relationships that your chosen NSO has with two of these key organisations. I would like to discuss the inter-organisational relationship between these two key organisation which is the High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) and College Sport New Zealand (CSSNZ) with Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ). BBNZ has a relationship with HPSNZ as this is the main pathway to progress further in the sports by identifying the existing strength and train better using innovative approaches related to sport science, technology and athlete’s wellbeing. HPSNZ also redefine on how the winning on the world stage happens and works towards making it happen. BBNZ has a relationship with the College Sport New Zealand (CSNZ) because this is where the CSNZ facilitates the interest from social basketball participation to elite achievement. Through secondary school education experiences that leads to a lifelong passion for basketball. Hence, more opportunity for New Zealand to be on the world winning stage in sports. • Examine the relationships based on IOR theory; collaboration, competition and coopetition. Based on the inter-organisational theory, there are three division which is the collaboration, competition and coopetition. The collaboration is where • Then, describe each IOR based on strength of ties. 3. Part A: Description of Other Sport/Recreation Organisation (choose one from the second column) Include: • A description of the organisation. 3. Part B : The purpose of the organisation (why it exists). • The role of the organisation within the NZ sport and recreation industry. Inter-Organisational Relationships Include • Identify the key organisations in your chosen NSO’s network. • Critically examine the relationships that your chosen NSO has with two of these key organisations. • Examine the relationships based on IOR theory; collaboration, competition and coopetition. • Then, describe each IOR based on strength of ties. 4. Conclusion • Discuss the similarities and differences of each of the organisations based on:
1. Introduction Include: • The purpose of this assignment. • Short introduction of your chosen two organisations. • Introduction to IOR theory; types of IORs and strength of ties.
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