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Oroville Dam

Term paper is about Water from a disciplinary perspective. The paper must blend together aspects of water access and sustainability from an environmental, economic and social policy perspectives on both a local and global scale. 6 credible sources must be included (no Wikipedia) including 6 from peer reviews, scholarly journals. APA style at least 6 pages of text the 6 pages does not include title and literature citation page.
Term paper is about Water from a disciplinary perspective. The paper must blend together aspects of water access and sustainability from an environmental, economic and social policy perspectives on both a local and global scale. 6 credible sources must be included (no Wikipedia) including 6 from peer reviews, scholarly journals. APA style at least 6 pages of text the 6 pages does not include title and literature citation page.
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Please see the attached instructions file and follow the bullet points for the requirements of the paper. This is due 2/26/2017 at 11pm EST.
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