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Monitoring Worksheet..

Part 2: Reflection On day four, review your completed time monitoring log in order to take a serious look at how you use your time each day. Write a 250 – 500 word reflection below on how you manage your time. Include the following in your reflection: 1. What are some things you can do more efficiently? 2. What are the main items/tasks that take up most of your time? 3. Do you see areas in your daily routine where you can make adjustments to become more productive? 4. Do you have any “black holes” that unnecessarily suck up a lot of your time? Reflection:
Part 2: Reflection On day four, review your completed time monitoring log in order to take a serious look at how you use your time each day. Write a 250 – 500 word reflection below on how you manage your time. Include the following in your reflection: 1. What are some things you can do more efficiently?
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Beowulf is a rich and dense text that gives readers insight to not only 6th century culture and society but also to 11th century culture and society. It is well known for its clash between pagan and Christian cultures in the sense that it is a story about a pagan society, but it was written down by a Christian monk so there are references to fate and revenge (pagan beliefs)..
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