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In this assignment, you will reflect on the concepts of ‘Systems’ discussed in class. Please prepare a report that addresses the following points: 1. Identify a system in the business world that you are familiar with (description) 2. Discuss the overall purpose of the system, its behavior and properties 3. Touch upon the complexity of the system and probable causes 4. Opine on the emergent behavior of the system (behavior noticed in the whole system and not in its individual components) INSTRUCTIONS The entire write-up should be a 1-2 pages long (12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced). RUBRICS Equal weights assigned to: 1. Effectively addressing all points mentioned above 2. Overall clarity of thought and organization of content 3. Originality 4. Detailed descriptions and visual aids (when needed) 5. Use of proper business language
In this assignment, you will reflect on the concepts of ‘Systems’ discussed in class. Please prepare a report that addresses the following points: 1. Identify a system in the business world that you are familiar with (description) 2. Discuss the overall purpose of the system, its behavior and properties 3.
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