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Select 5 essays from this book,

Select 5 essays from this book, and condense each into approximately 2 pages, excluding direct quotations, cover page, and bibliography. Start your essay with something like this, “This research essay concerns Canadian Cinema, specifically the following five essays: ??? by ???, ??? by ???, ??? by ???, ??? by ???, and ??? by ???.” Are you aware of how you should implement and cite direct quotations? There are a few ways to do so: The APA method, for example, is as follows: In your bibliography, you will list all essays in alphabetical order by author in this manner, with the first essay from the book I sent you as example: - Urquhart, Peter (2006). Film Policy/Film History: From The Canadian Film Development Corp. to Telefilm Canada. From André Loiselle and Tom McSorley (Eds.), Self Portraits: The Cinemas of Canada Since Telefilm (pages 29-54). Ottawa: The Canadian Film Institute, 2006. So the author’s last name is first, followed by a COMMA and their first name, and then the year of publication in parentheses. PERIOD. Then the title of the essay. PERIOD. Because the essay is from an anthology book, your write “From" then the name of editors of the book followed by “(Eds.)” then a COMMA followed by the title of the book and the pages in that book in parentheses. PERIOD. Then the city where the book was published. COLON. The name of the publisher, followed by a COMMA and the year the book was published. If you quote directly, then you should cite as follows: “Rich and useful though these books were upon their original appearance, one is struck today how they do not, indeed cannot (because of their historical proximity to the sea-change that was underway), even hint at the enormity of the transformation which was shortly to crash onto the beach of the Canadian cinema.” (Urquhart, 2006, 29) The info regarding the source is entirely in parentheses, wherein “Urquhart" is the author’s last name, “2006" is the year of publication, and “29” is the page number.
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