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Family Therapy presentation

Guidelines and Grading Criteria for Student Seminar Presentations Start with a diagnosis and obtain approval for topic from the administrator. Two to three students per seminar will pursue an experimental to demonstrating a theoretical methodology to a family problem in a 45 minute seminar. Examples: Culturally diverse family, military family, same sex family, work situation, family with a chronically ill child, medically or mentally ill family member. These are only examples and you may choose others. This seminar requires an in depth understanding of a theoretical model. 1. Prepare and submit to the class one week prior to the seminar your objectives and a bibliography that should reflect outside sources as well as the required readings. 2. Present the seminar using visual aids as needed and encouraging student participation. Use the seminar time to clarify, augment, evaluate, and synthesize the assigned readings. 3. Introduce the topic briefly. Make the seminar interesting. You can use role-playing, a case study, interactive simulation or game. You can include a study guide to make your points about a particular therapy approach more salient. The instructor will serve as a resource person and contributor to the discussion. 4. Allow for a five minute wrap-up to summarize the most important aspects of the seminar Family System bowen's family theory Trust Based Relational Intervention Structural Family Therapy I am considering presentation on family with chronic illness ( a family with a child with autism). structural family therapy as the theoretical intervention. please let chart to see what you think cos i need to submit a topic in less than 2 hrs
Guidelines and Grading Criteria for Student Seminar Presentations Start with a diagnosis and obtain approval for topic from the administrator. Two to three students per seminar will pursue an experimental to demonstrating a theoretical methodology to a family problem in a 45 minute seminar. Examples: Culturally diverse family, military family, same sex family, work situation, family with a chronically ill child, medically or mentally ill family member. These are only examples and you may choose others.
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