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Strategic Marketing

So my topic is about Lion Air which is a budget commercial Indonesian-based aeroplane but I have to talk about it in Singapore, so the pestle will be based on Singapore and Lion Air operate from Singapore to Indonesia not Indonesia to Singapore. I have attached a sample on what to do just follow the structure. 4.2.1 : search 2 trends that are happening in Singapore such as business people nowadays use a budget airline to travel/ do customers trust budget airlines (reliable?)/ do people look price over comfort from an airline? or any other trends. From each trends list down that the trends are a threat or an opportunity for Lion Air. 4.2.2 PESTLE Political: about government do they support Lion Air (opporrtunity or threat) Economical: How fuel price differ from Singapore Changi's to Indonesia Soekarno Hatta (fuel is 26 percent more expensive in Changi) SInce Lion AIr is a budget airline having a high fuel cost will be a threat Social: Customer pesrpective on low cost airlines (low cost airlines help less wealthy people to travel) this may be students or working people, similar to todays trends Technological: Hows the technology of the aircraft (such as entertainments and other facilities), do they use young aircrafts? Technology can also be added to due that most Singapore use smartphones, they can easily book a ticket through website (if book directly to the website is cheaper) or even to interact easily with Lion Air. Legal: LAwsuits in case of service deficiencies and pricing? pricing floor or any Environmental: DOes it support IATA's four pillar?, optimal usage of resources? green practices? 4.2.3 Analysis of Market performance (please provide the figure too) 4.2.4 Customer Segmenation primary target market: Business people this is due that singapore consist of many business people which they often seek for price over comfort (not high end business people) secondary: students Singapore consist of many students which they often seek cheap flights to get back home to their country. (please do they table similar to the sample). 4.2.4 Positioning Map (please make the map too) competitors: AirAsia, scoot or jetstar just choose two because they are the one who dominate the market for flights from singapore to indonesia Just follow the sample, use minimum of 10 journals (chicago 17 reference), no need introduction or ect, for word count follow the sample of how many words for this part or so on, 2000 words in total. please if there is any map or tables, please make too as well.
So my topic is about Lion Air which is a budget commercial Indonesian-based aeroplane but I have to talk about it in Singapore, so the pestle will be based on Singapore and Lion Air operate from Singapore to Indonesia not Indonesia to Singapore. I have attached a sample on what to do just follow the structure. 4.2.1 : search 2 trends that are happening in Singapore such as business people nowadays use a budget airline to travel/ do customers trust budget airlines (reliable?)/ do people look price over comfort from an airline? or any other trends.
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