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HIST302 Research Paper Update

Please post an update on your research and answer all of the following questions. Please restate each question and answer: 1. Have you narrowed down your research topic? If yes, what is your topic. 2. Are you thinking about a thesis to guide your research? (Remember, your paper should answer specific questions that will be answered in narrative of your major paper). Please present to me three possible thesis statements that will guide your paper or a final thesis if you have settled on one. 3. What primary and secondary sources are you finding? You will need a minimum of three primary and six secondary sources to complete this paper. 4. Where are you having difficulty? 5. What kinds of sources have you found in JSTOR? (please provide at least 4) In formulating a thesis statement one good way to do so is to ask yourself "So what?" and "Why is this important to history?" "Why do we care about the event/person/place/custom?" From these questions generate a list of answers and try to incorporate them into the larger scheme of history as a whole. A thesis should be more than "Rome had a great military." Instead create a question to be answered by your paper and its thesis. "How did the Marian reforms create the foundation of a Roman military for the late republic and early imperial periods"? Next, fashion a thesis that takes a stand on the question presented. For the rest of your paper you will use your research to defend and prove this statement by providing facts, examples and analysis of the primary sources and examples. This is the topic I chose: "1. Roman Religion: How did Christianity affect Rome economically? Thinking outside of the box, I think that it is interesting that Rome's citizens essentially chose this religion as their primary state of worship. Whether we like to admit it or not, if a religion is not bringing in money, then society deems it less desirable. Sad but true."
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