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Some of the most effective interventions and prevention programs utilized the development of health policies as stepping stones to achieving their goals. For example, secondhand smoke was shown to be very detrimental to lung health. It was linked to cancer development and to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Through the development of policies, such as prohibiting smoking inside restaurants, the rate of exposure to secondhand smoke dropped dramatically, thereby reducing lung cancer, and other related health issues. In your initial post, address the following. Be sure to follow the requirements for initial postings found in the Faculty Expectations Message (FEM). Propose a new health care policy (or summarize an existing one) that could support one or more of the levels of prevention that you wrote about in your first discussion post for this unit. Analyze the ways in which the health policy could be leveraged to support the levels of prevention that are relevant to it. Explain the potential benefits and challenges to leveraging the health policy. APA, cite withing last 5 years
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